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Thread: Pressure Tank vs. Pitless Adaptor

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    Default Pressure Tank vs. Pitless Adaptor

    I am about to install a pump in my well, and the guy designing my irrigation system wants me to use a pitless adaptor in my well, saying this system will be better-off for me, as I plan to run several hose bibs around my yard, for tree watering, as well as my sprinkler system, for my grass.

    He says if I ran a pressure tank, with my hose bib set-up, when I use the hose hook-up, it will cause my pump to continue to cycle on and off, which could be hard on the pump. He says a pitless adaptor will be easier on the pump, the only thing is, I will have to water a zone of my lawn, when I want to use my hose bib.

    My neighbor says this is wrong, as it was explained to him by the guy that trenched his water lines to his house. Keep in mind, I donít know squat about this stuff (Iím a rookie acreage owner, learning as I go...), so I might not have heard everything correctly, from any of the parties I talked to. Does any of this sound right! Any advise would be greatly appreciated,


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    Sounds like someone is confusing you. A pitless adapter has nothing to do with whether you use a tank or not. A pitless adapter is probably the best way to go either way.

    If I was using a system strictly for irrigation I would run the pump flat out, no pressure switch or tank. (see hj's response to the above poster)

    If you are going to incorporate other uses, you will probably want to use a pressure switch and a tank.


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    As I stated in my original thread, I donít know alot about pumps, etc., and hereís why... in my original thread, substitute Pump-start Relay for Pitless adaptor, and things might be clearer. I would still like to know if this is a better system than the Pressure tank system, although it sounds like I already have my answer. Thanks for your help, and please let me know which sounds right,


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    It appears that you are unsure of the use of a pitless adapter. The pitless adapter does nothing more than adapt the pipe inside the well casing to the external underground supply line. It has no association with controlling the pump, nor the use of a tank. Thus you question is it a better solution than a pressure tank, does not apply.

    If you are going to use the system for irrigation where the pump only runs when it is supplying water to the heads, and the system is properly sized to the pump, you do not need a pressure switch / tank. If you are doing anything else, you will want to go the pressure switch / tank route.

    It would be wise for you to consult with a local well / pump organization who can look at your situation and give professional advice.

    Hope this helps.



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