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Thread: Ball valves - are they created equal?

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    Question Ball valves - are they created equal?

    I need to replace my 3/4" main shutoff ball valve as
    1. the handle is rusting through
    2. on a recent pipe replacement job there was a small amount of leakage (maybe this is normal)
    3. I want to upgrade my main supply through the house to 3/4" - and I'm not sure if trying to attach a 3/4" male fitting to this valve will work.

    I have 2 in my possession - a chinese Matco and an Italian Mueller - both sweat. My plumber swears by Watts and as this is a pretty important valve - I'd very much appreciated the learned opinions on this forum as to what they would install.

    Also - my current valve is a compression - I would like to replace with a sweat fitting - is this advisable? I'm in NJ and I'm assuming the main pipe inlet is thicker copper.
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