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Thread: HELP- Sealing Grout

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    Hello Group,

    I've got a problem. I had a new tile shower with tile floor, and a tile bench and a tile bathroom floor installed on a concrete below-grade basement floor. Cement backer board was used on the shower walls but I don't know what was used on the floor or if it was laid directly on the concrete floor. The person that did the tile tells me that the grout does not need to be sealed.

    Is this correct?

    Thanks a million,

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    First off, grout sealer is only to help keep the grout clean(er) than it would be without. It will help by helping to repell some stains, sort of like using a Teflon pan...things don't stick to it, so they wash off easier. It will do nothing to waterproof the shower.

    So, to help keep things clean, unless they used epoxy grout, a sealer will help. Is it necessary, no.

    Not all sealers are created equal, and the good stuff is not cheap - like $150+/gallon (now you should need nowhere near that amount, but like most things, smaller bottles often cost more per unit). One I like and have used is made by Stonetech. Depending on use and the type you install, you might have to reapply anywhere from once every 6-months to many years. Check out the store at www.johnbridge.com and their website for help with tiling.
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