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Thread: Toto-Drake, Eco-Drake, UltraMax

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    My husband (the Diy-er) in the house, has left the toilet decision to me. Oh joy! I'm very conscious about our water consumption as our garden water barrels will attest. However, I'm completely confused how to make the decision on the model. Our old American Std. needs plunging every day now, even though all the "innards" have been replaced. It's down to the 3 I've listed. What is the real bottom line of differences between the 3? There are 2 of us in our home, we plan to sell in the next couple of years, and this is the company bathroom.
    Also, in the which comes first category....we want to break up and remove the tile floor and replace it with wood. Which comes first--the toilet replacement or the floor replacement?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Replace the floor first.

    Then put the new toilet down over the new tile.

    The ADA bowls work a little better, so go with the Eco this time.
    I have two of the Eco in the home, they are working fine.

    The difference between the Ultramax and the Drake?
    It's mainly looks. The parts are the same and performance is similar enough so that it becomes a non issue.

    I like the one-piece look, and cleaning is nicer too.

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    Smile Just installed four new Toto Drakes

    to save a few $$, we went with two ADA height, two regular.

    The two bathrooms the kids tend to use are regular height, grown-ups get ADA height.

    Installed these back in January 2009, to replace four Gerber 1.6GPF toilets that blocked once a week.

    So far have had only two blocks in about six months, which is amazing, since our kids flush 'everything but the cat'.

    I installed these myself, and really like the fact that the tank internals are all pre-installed.


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