I am having a problem with cloudy flakes in my drinking water. I have a Watts Premier reverse osmosis filtration system that supplies filtered water to my refrigerator and a faucet on the kitchen sink. On occasion I will get a hard slightly yellowish flake or chip in my water. This I believe is just a chip of calcium or mineral deposit that broke loose from the system. I don't like this but this is not the problem I am trying to figure out. I have attached some pictures below of the cloudy flakes. I suspect it is part of the filters disintegrating from the RO system but not sure. I don't see the flakes when using only filtered water from the tap (room temp). If ice is involved at all I get the flakes. Its almost as if when the water is frozen the flakes form from small particles joining together. I have RO filtered water running to the refrigeratorn for ice and chilled water. I have a PUR/Whirlpool inline filter on the refrigerator also. I believe it is only a charcoal filter. I did a little experiment and attached photos of each.

The first glass is RO filtered water from the tap (no flakes).

The second glass is Chilled RO Filtered Water Through Refrigerator and PUR/Whirlpool filter (no flakes).

The third glass is RO filtered water from the tap with ice cubes that is also RO filtered water and ran through the PUR/Whirlpool filter (contains flakes)

The fourth glass is only melted ice from RO filtered water and filtered by PUR/Whirlpool filter (contains flakes)

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