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Thread: Experience with Stevens sump pumps?

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    Default Experience with Stevens sump pumps?

    My local plumbing supply is pushing Stevens sump pumps, I am inclined to use a Zoeller n53 but I can't find a good piggyback switch locally. the supply guy likes the diaphram switch design that Stevens uses. I would like to get opinions on this.

    also Stevens gives a 7 year warranty, Zoeller is one year. Seems that Zoeller could afford to offer a better warranty if their quality is as good as touted.
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    What's wrong with using a Zoeller with a built-in switch?

    I simply do not believe that for ordinary use the switch is a problem. My last Zoeller lasted 16 years and was still going (but rusty) when I replaced it.

    I would only consider a seprerate switch for a sump pump that was running 24/7 i.e. a basement with serious water issues. But for most of us, when the sump runs only when it rains, the built-in switch is fine, depsite what other posters might say.

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    I have never liked diaphragm switches. They aren't to be trusted. Floats however are very trustworthy if installed properly.

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    We have been selling Stevens pumps for about 20 years now. Very few problems with them. We might get back 1 out of every 100 we sell under warranty.

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    Default zoeller vs stevens

    The switch on my Zoeller m53 lasted about 6 months in a very active sump pit. I put on an external swith for the Zoeller, and I really think the pump itself would last forever, I have it ready as a back up. My Stevens SS57 has lasted about a year so far. I have doubts that it will last 7 years, but if not, I will get a new one under warranty for another 7 years.

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    Talking Never cared for the stevens pump

    I dont like the stevens becasue I remember that
    only one wire plugs into the wall and if the diaphram
    switch fails then the pump is done..

    I prefer a two wire deal where you can still plug the
    pump into the power and advert disaster...
    at 2am in the morning......

    the Zoeller pump is a better pump...

    their switch absolutely sucks, but the pump will proably run forever..

    I have posted my solution before

    you can buy the Zoeller motor only and just add

    the SJE verticle switch....

    you can also adjust the height to come on less oftern

    Now, you would think by now that Zoeller would sell this in a package to compete with others like hydromatic..

    .but for some reason they will not admit a design flaw in that crappy switch they have sold for decades....

    I guess if you make something too good, then you dont have people comming back for repeat business...


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    Default Stevens Pump diagphram contact switch repair

    Quote Originally Posted by mattbee24 View Post
    We have been selling Stevens pumps for about 20 years now. Very few problems with them. We might get back 1 out of every 100 we sell under warranty.
    I am trying to clean out my contact pressure / diaphragm switch but the Stevens pump site is scare as far as manuals / schemos...

    I called they suggested to replace the top assembly but if possible I would like to try and clean this one before I order...

    Is this wise? By this I mean does anyone have any advice / tips on why or why not this is a good idea....or have some documents to help me with the repair?

    I am sump pump noob but it seems pretty straight forward.




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