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Thread: Anode Rod Access location for AOSmith Powershot

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    Default Anode Rod Access location for AOSmith Powershot

    I want to replace the anode tube on my AO Smith GPSH Powershot gas water heater. Problem is, I can't find it. From the parts list diagram, it appears to be accessed from the top-front. But the blower housing is covering it. So my questions are:

    What should I remove to access the anode rod?

    If I need to remove the blower housing, what's the best way?
    In removing the blower housing, does the rubber sleeve (for the 3"pvc exhaust) loosen and slide up or down?

    AOSmith's website shows the current replacement for 183523-29
    to be 9000029005 which I believe is a magnesium anode rod.
    Other sites show replacement as 9003944005 which is aluminum. Any suggestions on which one to choose. FWIW, we're on city water with low iron and 20 hardness.

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    The entire blower assembly has to come off. There are two fat screws that hold it down on top, and you have to disconnect the wiring harness to remove along with untightening the band clamp on the rubber coupling.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    Talking Let sleeping dogs lie

    you are opening a large can of worms here.....

    I dont know how old your unit is but you are
    basically going where I would dare not go for any customer
    (not without a disclaimor)

    you are only going to disturb things that will come back to haunt you .........

    it would be wiser to leave it alone.....

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    Thanks for your words of wisdom, probably some of it learned the hard way..

    Anyway, the unit is 3 years old. I have a water softener so I understand that to mean the anode rod will be consumed quicker.

    THe thermostat is on the blink (I measured 154F in the morning after stabilizing all night). AOSmith is sending me a warranty valve. So, I figured when I was changing out the thermostatand had the unit drained, I would remove, inspect, and replace the anode rod.

    I am hesitant to dig into the anode rod based on your advice.

    I'm a pretty handy guy and am comfortable with servicing mechanical/pluming/electrical things. Your comments are no doubt well founded but I am curious.

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    Talking only 3 years old

    if you are going to have to change the thermostat anyway,
    I dont see a problem with fooling with t he anode rod

    I was makeing my remarks about older units 5-12 years old.
    which you would have to be crazy to touch..

    The newer smith power vent is a dog , was a dog, and will always be a dog...
    considering you are already having to fool with the thermostat,
    you are just now finding out
    about the inherent flaws in the units are...

    I think your year unit needs the spark igniter sanded
    off every few months because it gets dirty and pitted..??...

    so you really cant lose either way.....

    if the unit starts to leak before the 6 yer warranty is up ,
    then you have come out ahead with a new one...

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    Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll dig into the anode replacement while I have it drained. I've seen some replies about using an impact wrench; what's your opinion about that?

    Also, it seems you're not to keen on AOSmith, no doubt from servicing too many, too often, and for bad reasons. As I trust expeience, what's your recommendation for NG models?


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