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Thread: New third zone always radiates heat

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    Question New third zone always radiates heat

    I have a FHW system and recently added a 3rd zone on the second floor for a MB suite. The first floor has always had 2 zones. Each zone has it's own circulator pump and thermostat.

    Some of the pipes on the second floor remain warm/hot even if I set the thermostat to the OFF position. I even disconnected the thermostat thinking it was faulty, but it didn't help. During the winter I kept the thermostat at 60and had to sleep with open windows (I'm in Maine). Now that the weather is warmer, I have the thermostat in the OFF position and there is still heat radiating from the pipes - enough to make the room very uncomfortable. The oil burner tech who installed the system doesn't think there is a problem.

    I will appreciate any info which will give me a heads-up concerning the problem before I call in another technician.

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    Get another tech!

    I think you need to install some check valves to prevent flow unless the specified circulator is on.
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    Default New technition

    There is clearly a problem, call a new service company.

    I am just going to point out that oil companies like to sell oil. Ask around and find someone more reliable.

    The is most likely something simple, such as incorrect wiring.

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