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Thread: Bradford white issue

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    Question Bradford white issue

    Having a problem with a BW 40 gallon gas power vent, 7 years old. The water heater stopped working and I checked it out, the ignitor was not heating up. Replaced the ignitor and the problem did not go away. As soon as the unti is plugged in the blower starts and that's all. Called the local rep and they suggested the gas valve should be replaced. Replaced it, no improvement. Then I called BW tech support and we checked everything over a 35 minute call. We checked the temperature switch, the air switch, the gas valve, and the ignitor. We have 26.1 volts AC at the connection from the gas valve to the ignitor and the ignitor still is not coming on. The BW tech rep suggested there may be an internal bad ground in the under-jacket wiring, but he was unsure. Have any of you experienced this? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am at the end of my rope with this and spent 4 hours and $150 so far on parts. Hard to recoup this when the unit still is not lighting anfd even the manufacturer is scratching their heads a bit.
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