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Thread: misaligned bathroom sink drain...help

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    Question misaligned bathroom sink drain...help

    I am very new to plumbing and have replaced my bathroom sink. the new sink's drain is not in line with the drain pipe that is there. Is there such thing as a flexible drain that would go from the sink to the "U" so that I could attached the new sink to the original drain pipe?

    If not, does this mean I have to position the new sink exactly where the old one was so that the drain pipes match?

    By the way, I am not a perfectionist, so anything that works would be good with me.

    Your help is much appreciated!

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    If the drain had lined up with the existing trap, it would have been a minor miracle. It almost never happens, but forget about using a flexible drop pipe. Just relocate the trap to the new position. That way you don't have to worry about "whatever works is okay with me.\".

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    It's usually not a big deal. Many of the vanity drain pieces use a compression/slip joint. The trap can pivot around the tailpiece (the part thatcomes down from the sink), so small offsets are not a problem and there is some flexibility in the length of the replacement pieces. A picture would help if you could post one.
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    hj is right on. It is amazing how many DIY make a huge deal out of trying to find a new sink that will exactly line up with the old drain location. "Fahgettaboutit"! Especially if the plumbing is all plastic, you can cut it back close to the wall and rebuild for exact line-up in 15 minutes and less than $15 material.


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