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Thread: Cable Drain (long cable needed)

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    Smile Cable Drain (long cable needed)

    Hello all: Newbie here!

    Problem: New Jacuzzi tub going in in a U shaped enclosure (in the master bath remodel). Drain is at the short end of the U and will be about 5 ft. away from the entry end for the tub.

    Have looked at the cable drains at Lowes and on line. What I want is a cable drain with about a 6 ft. cable so it can be placed at the accessible end of the tub. Otherwise, we will have to climb into the tub to open or close the drain.

    Question: With the multitude of cable drains available at all sorts of prices, has anyone added a longer cable to an existing product...Or, is there a "long cable" product available?

    Any Info greatly appreciated

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    I've only seen a few, and on those, you can't replace the cable. If it breaks, you replace the whole drain assembly.Not all designs are the same, though.

    Keep in mind that the knob that operates the drain is also usually the cover for the overflow...that hole is probably already drilled in the tub...you can't move it.
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    Default tub

    How about a drawing or picture. It seems that you are installing the tub differently than the majority of people would. A cable that long would be impractical and since there is only one person in the world that would need one, namely you, there is little incentive for anyone to produce one.


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