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Thread: toro lawnmaster sprinkler timer

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    I have a Toro Lawnmaster three program electronic sprinkler timer model 53603. One of the two resistors on the printed circuit board (pcb) burned up. I called several Toro Company numbers but no one can help me. My problem is that I either need a schematic of the pcb or someone who has such a model to look at the resistor on the board where it says R14 and tell me the colors on the resistor so that I know it's value. When mine burned up, it discolored the resistor and I can not read any of the colors.



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    Its your lucky day George


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    I appreciate the info. My burned resistor measures 0 ohms. Its so toasted that the first stripe looks black. There is no way for me to have determined its resistance. My pcb is p/n 821801 rev f. Hopefully you had the same board.

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