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Thread: tightening copper fittings

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    Default tightening copper fittings

    I'm getting ready to install a new shower flow valve assembly. I'm plumbing into existing hot/cold by sweating fittings; however I have to use male fittings to first plumb into the control valve assembly. The way I see it i'll have to install everything and sweat the inlet lines before I can pressure test the whole system. But if there is a leak around the male threads it will be too late to tighten as the rest of the fittings are already set. How do you pros deal with this issue? Am i missing something simple?

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    Rectorseal and teflon tape

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    Usually we buy valves that we solder directly to.
    However when presented with the big box store version many of us wrap teflon tape on the male threads then apply teflon paste over the tape and tighten.

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    Some valves allow you to insert the pipe into it and solder it, or, screw on an adapter. If the valve has male threads, see if your pipe will fit inside, then just solder it.
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    Default valve

    He specified that he has to use male adapters which means the valve has FIP connections so the copper will not fasten directly into it. I prefer to solder the male adapters into the valve so there is no possibility of a leak for any reason.


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