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As a professional who enjoys learning about every aspect of this exciting and difficult field, I too am interested as to why the Kinetico is so different than every other twin alternating controller on the market, including the 9100, 9000, 9500, Clack Ws1EE w/ MAV, any system 7 configuration, etc. I program these twin alternating systems all the time and have never had to take into consideration the number of people in the household. What make the Kinetico so different?

I have been reading through a lot of old posts on the Kinetic systems here, thanks for the excellent information you have shared. The valve has been evolving for years, and in my opinion, it is one of the best valves on the market. As I have said before, in the commercial field, the local Kinetico dealer gave us some serious competition.
Based on your extensive experience with all control valves, what IYO are the not so good control valves still on the market today?