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Thread: Kinetico softener head rebuild with pics

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    Default Kinetico softener head rebuild with pics

    Hello all,
    Great looking forum here!
    I have acquired a 2 tank well water Kinetico softener along with our house 3 years ago... Long story short there has been a long line of butchers "renovating" ()this old home and one of these butchers had installed this softener. The butcher also left a complete valve assembly completely disassembled in a heap in an old box I found in the basement.
    So here is my story;
    I accidentally snapped the drain barb off the softener one day while working in the pump room and lucky for me I had a spare plate in the box of parts I found so I took apart the valve, cleaned it all up and replaced the plate with the broken drain barb. I then reassembled it all, put it back into service and never thought about it again. That was back in November.
    About a month ago we started noticing that the water was getting hard and we started to get large rust deposits on the tub and sinks etc. I determined that the softener is no longer regenerating/drinking in the brine even when manually turning the control dial.
    Here is what I have done so far based on other posts I have found here;
    1) Disassembled and cleaned out the brine pick up tube.
    2) I left the pickup tube off and manually cycled the dial to see if I had any suction on the hose, no joy, just water pouring out continually. The flow did slow during the "brine-rinse" cycle but it would certainly not pick up any water.
    3) I have now disassembled the valve again and made sure everything is clean and moving freely. I blew out all the orifices and the venturi with compressed air.
    4) Disassembled and cleaned the gear housing and screen and closely inspected the pawls and gears, all looked good to me.

    I then decided to have a good look through the box of parts and low and behold I found 4 plastic balls, 2 small blue ones and 2 bigger white ones (see pics) that I did not have in my newly reassembled valve??
    Does anyone know if these balls are part of this valve? Does anyone have an exploded view or diagram for this thing?
    In the pictures the valves are in the same position that they where in when I disassembled it, do they look like they are in the right positions? Anything else I should do while I have it apart?

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

    Jon Heron
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