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Thread: Well, deep subject 4 a shallow mind

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    I'm on a well, ever since 1989. I had just had electrical problems with the entire house breaker box after fixing that. The next morning I woke up to hear a loud sound from the control panel on the well. I found a burnt connection so I replaced the whole plastic strip of connections. Then after plugging it all back in, I'm only able to at the beginning a little sound for a short time. So, I tested for power at all components & connections and everthing is getting juice. Does this mean that I need a new pump? If so, how do I lift it out? Because it is real heavy, though, I am strong I am a female and I am only able to lift it a few inches. PLEASE NEED HELP
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    I think you need to call a pump guy or well driller to troubleshoot the system with an amp and ohm meter before doing anything. That will tell you the condition of the pump and if you need to pull it. They can also tell you what you need to pull it.
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    that would be the ideal thing to do, but unfortunatly they want money. got the thing out finally. it was about 90 feet deep. now I have to find another one. I have an idea where there might be one. thamk you


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