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Thread: Water softener salt and water level

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    Default Water softener salt and water level

    Just a quick one. How high should the salt level and the water level be? maximum. My salt tank is 18-24 inches square ands about 48 in. high. When the salt gets low I can reach my hand down and feel that the water is about 12 inches deep. Just curious if this is normal. I guess I could get out a manual but you are all so informative. Thank you

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    Not sure what about your situation, but as a general rule the water should be about 1" above the tray on the bottom of the brine tank before the salt is added.

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    The volume of water in the salt tank depends on your salt dose lbs. and that varies with different size softeners but more so the amount of hardness etc. in your water and what type of resin is used and how much water is to be used between regenerations.

    So no one can tell you without much more info.

    And you control the volume of salt you put in the tank, which should not be up to the rim of the tank; a 1/3 to 1/2 full is best and check it more frequently.

    Not all softeners have a salt grid/platform in the salt tank and that 1" mentioned, it may not be appropriate to your softener because you may have Pre brining or no grid or a higher salt dose that would cause the water to be much higher or lower than the 1" above the grid.

    Do you think there is something wrong with the softener's operation?

    BTW, the volume/height of water in the salt tank is not going to be in any manual anywhere.
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    Nothing is wrong with the softener operation. It works great. Thanks Gary. Just like checking the oil in the car. I want to properly maintain my softener. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" as they say. Since this is my first softener I thought I would ask. Thank you all for the help.


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