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Thread: Wobbly tap knobs

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    Default Wobbly tap knobs


    I have a Franke Retro kitchen sink for a few years which hot and cold knobs is becoming loose and wobbling. Please can someone advice what is the cause of this problem and if there is a fix/spare part to fix it.

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    Where does it wobble? knob-to-stem? stem-to-valve? does the whole faucet wobble where it is mounted? do both knobs wobble the same way?

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    It wobbles where the knob joins the stem as shown (red arrows) in the picture. Yes, both knobs wobble the same way. It feels that something has got loose where the knob joins the stem, a screw/washer? Please help.
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    Not to worry. I have just fixed the problem. I have just realised that at the top of each knob there is a cap which I have unscrewed to open it. I have then tightened up the screw which joins the stem. They now work like a dream.

    I have always thought that Franke is a reliable brand and it is only my ignorance that let me down.

    Thanks once again for the help.

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    For screws that don't want to stay tight, you might try a drop of Permatex thread lock (the blue stuff). Don't use the red stuff, you'll have great trouble ever getting it apart. The blue stuff is designed to allow dissassembly, but red stuff is designed to be (nearly) permanent.
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