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Thread: Gould V60 Pump help

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    Default Gould V60 Pump help

    Ok so I have a 75ft bored well with a Gould V60 pump. Recently my water has been running out after only a short period of usage. So here is what we've noticed.

    First: My air pressure gauge is broken I am making a trip tomorrow to replace it.

    Second: My power bill has jumped about $100.

    Third: The switch is shutting off after about 3 minutes of continuous use (this began today) however I have never had a problem with my water pressure.

    I have been reading through the forums and I believe my problem is due to short cycling. I wanted to add that when the pump shuts off I lose water completely.

    Here is where I am confused.

    I'm not sure if it's a pressure sensor switch malfunction or the air pressure of the tank.

    When the tank is full we get a psi of 20 and from what I have read that is to low.

    Sorry for the long post but I am trying to give as much info as possible to get the best advice.

    I guess I am asking is 1. What is the psi supposed to be on a full bladder pump and 2. What is the best way of checking?

    I can't give you the switch on and switch off setting until we replace the pressure gauge.

    Any help would be appreciated because I would like to check the simple things before I pay someone to come check it out for me.

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    Duh, should have read the sticky...how did I miss that First things first I'll get back to you after I replace the pressure gauge and figure out what my on/off settings are and recheck the psi on an drained bladder and the power off. I think it's time for bed


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