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Thread: one side of house backing up

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    Default one side of house backing up

    My house is on a slab foundation and is connected to the city sewer system. My problem is that on one side of the house the plumbing that connects to the master bathroom and my washing machine is backing up into my bathtub and out of the toilet. I have had a plumber come out on 3 seperate occasions and rod out the lines and do the roto rooter through all the lines and the cleanout line outside the house. This seems to fix the problem for about a week or so then once again it backs up into the house especially when washing clothes or taking a shower. Should i get someone to come out with a camera and check for anything or does it just sound like a stubborn clog reoccuring over and over?? Any info or ideas will be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    I would get a camera in, no sense in throwing money at maybe fixing the problem. Identify and then attack.
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    wow, i have the same exact problem. i say get the camera in and see what you find. it didnt work for me but it may for you. let me know what happens b/c i have been searching for answers myself.

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    Default stoppage

    If it is just part of the house, then doing anything at the cleanout outside is probably wasted time. But you do need to snake out the section that is plugged, assuming there is a convenient spot to do so.

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    Keep in mind that unclogging a drain with a drain snake often times doesn't completely resolve the problem.

    Especially if the plumber just gets the drain flowing and closes it back up. You definitely could get the camera out to ease your mind, but next time its snaked i would recommend following up with a drain cleaner for the next few months to eliminate any left over grease and grime. Use something natural.. possibly see if your plumber has bio clean or a similar product.
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