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Thread: just got an AO smith

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    Default just got an AO smith

    just got a pcg-75 300 for $*** including tax..is that a decent price??....i know you guys don't like them much but my plumber friend highly recommended it and sent me to his friends supply house to get it

    he is also gonna install it for me for $*** ...is that also fair?

    question about efficiency...i have a 23 year State that i'm replacing....will i save much on gas with the new one or is really nothing...thanx
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    Labor price should not even be determined until the situation can be analyzed. Only then can a price be verbalized. At that point it is yours to decide if it's fair. A thorough job that will last long and safely keep you with hot water is what I determine to be fair.
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    It is very hard for anyone on the internet to compare prices for you. Each of us get different discounts at our suppliers if they get any at all. Plus labor rates are determined by the cost of each guy to do business in his or her area. Meaning A guy in some where in Southern Illinois will be cheaper than the guy in Downtown Chicago. Mainly due to cost of living differences.

    If you truly want to find out if what your "plumber friend" is charging you a fair price for the equipment and his time then you should call local plumbers in your area and ask them how much they would charge you for that type water heater installed. Please do not take this as me being harsh, its just the facts.


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