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    I did a red color on bottom of my dining room and a light tan for the top. The top came out great, covered it with two coats, but only needed one. The bottom with the Valspar "tomato red" not so much. I'm on my third coat and it doesn't seem to be even or covering as good as the other paint.
    The tomato red is Valspar's "signature color" line in eggshell at $30/gal.
    The tan was Valspar's "ultra Premium" line in eggshell at $23/gal. It looks like it's going to take five coats of the red. I used white primer for both.
    Anybody have suggestions...or just keep speading the paint.

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    Next time, have them tint the primer. Covering white with a dark color might seem like an easy thing to do, but often isn't. Putting some black or the base color in your primer means you'll cover it much easier. You may also be applying the paint too thin.
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    I agree. Dark primer. I ran a painting biz for a year. I just painted my house and bought premium Sherwin Williams. I still had to do 3 coats for the red room because I paid the drywallers to do a white spray first coat primer for speed sake. No other colors have ever required three coats for me from Sherwin.

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    Again, tinted primer would have made less work for yourself. I had to do 7 total coats in my bedroom. The pigments that make up red paint are more transparent than in other colors so it just inherently takes more coats to get the desired effect. The big box stores seem to have problems with getting tinted primers right and seem to just guess in my experience. Red paint benefits from gray primers though.
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