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Thread: Toto Ultramax running problem

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    Default Toto Ultramax running problem

    I bought an Ultramax (from Terry) a couple of months ago, but have been trying to fix a problem since then to no avail: it's frequently running small amounts of water into the overflow tube.

    I've tried changing the fill level, both up and down, and checked for flapper leaks, but haven't been able to find any. What could it be? Should the cap on the float be more firmly attached? It doesn't seem to be attached to the body of the float at all, is this a problem?

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    The water line is normally about 1/2" down from the overflow

    If the flapper is leaking, the water level will drop, and then refill.
    If that is the case
    seal between flapper and flushvalve
    seal between flushvalve and tank

    If the tank overfills
    The fill valve needs adjusting (Not normally ever done)
    Or the fill valve is not shutting off.

    Some fill valves look like this

    I did get a call Saturday morning, perhaps about this.
    I was in the middle of the walk at Seward Park.

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