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Thread: water heater replacement 1969 California home, with a foot craw space

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    Default water heater replacement 1969 California home, with a foot craw space

    My old water heater is about gone. I need to replace a new one with same capacity 40 gallons with nature gas.

    What I was not sure is do I need to add on a pressure tanking or replace hot water pipe in the bathroom to a large pipe?

    The problem that we are having is when taking a shower and someone turn on water anywhere in the house then the shower water will have such change from hot to cold real quick. It's just sock you when you are in the shower.

    I thought replacing new water heater with pressure tank on top will solve the problem. Does it? Anyone know?

    I also want to add a Water Softner next to the new water heater since I have to replace the water heater. Does the Water Softener is hard to install? I thought I could have it done at the same time. Like shooting to birds with 1 stone.

    Thanks to any response.


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    As far as your hot/cold issues go that could be related to the piping; likely you could have galv. piping and it's corroded real bad or just the design/layout is poorly done.

    What piping is existing?
    Do you have adequate pressure on the cold water side?
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    What in hells name is a foot craw?

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    Default craw

    It is a typo for crawl space, but what that has to do with a water heater replacement baffles me. The problem with the water temperature is caused by the shower faucet AND the piping, and the ONLY thing that will cure it is a new pressure balance shower valve, or a balancing module in the piping to the shower valve.


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