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Thread: diverter valve question

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    Default diverter valve question

    Have a question concerning a diverter valve in my tub spout.
    When it was installed, everything works ok except for the fact when you turn on the faucet for the bathtub, I get a continous spray of water from the shower head also.
    The valve is all the way down and the system is less than a yaer old, also it is a Delta one valve system. Any thoughts?? Thanks.

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    Normally, that implies that the valve was installed upside down, or plastic pipe was used between the valve and the spout. But there could also be situations unique to your particular installation that are causing it.

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    Did you happen to remove the shower diverter valve from the body recently? What happened to me was that the valve seat was also removed when I removed the diverter valve and I didn't fully tighten the valve seat when I put the valve back on the body. The valve seat required a square valve wrench to tighten it up. Once I did that and reinstalled the valve, shower pressure was restored.


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