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Thread: Drake? DrakeII? Ultramax? Other? Could use a clue...

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    Question Drake? DrakeII? Ultramax? Other? Could use a clue...

    We are finally replacing the old clunker toilet in our master bath. We have tried a Kohler 1.6l in our downstairs bath solely due to price - don't like it. I have been researching my fool head off for weeks now but only find myself getting more confused. I have spent less time researching cars.

    Between various places including places that favor Toto including here and "toilets that work" - the only thing that is obvious to me is that my choice is not so obvious.

    Obviously flush is important, getting everything down on the first shot... but a couple other pet peeves of ours I'm not finding mentioned as much are "skids" (fecal toilet markings) and "floaters" little pieces of dung, peas, corn, paper or whatever that is light and doesn't seem to have the same flush rate as the bulk - these are important issues to us and it's making it more difficult to really come up with something so we can find, buy and move on with our lives.

    Seems the Drake and Ultramax are very popular, but in Terry's report it seems the top rated toilets had/have better bowl wash? Are those now the Drake II? And is the new Drake II at 1.28 a better worker than the Drake at 1.6?

    My head is spinning and I'm hoping you folks have the info, experience and desire to help the clueless so I can make the right choice for us.

    Thank you for this forum and any and all suggestions, tips, etc.. Very much appreciated.
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