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Thread: Canterwood Estates in Woodinville

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    Default Canterwood Estates in Woodinville

    Driving through Woodinville, I swung by some homes I built in 1987
    Dang, I should have moved into one of those things back then.
    I don't want to even say how much I sold this for.
    One of my favorite memories was clearing the lots, chainsaw in hand to slice and dice the trees after the bulldozers pushed them down.
    We would take the stumps, and build a bonfire twenty feet high.
    The flames would reach maybe 75 feet or more.
    Bring the marshmallows.
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    Terry, I would like one of those and would happily pay you whatever you received for it in 1987 if you would be kind enough to build one for me ASAP.

    Where should I send the check?

    PS I'll pay more to have AS toilets installed instead of Toto ones.



    PPS Around here we do not call those "homes". We call them mansions, castles, chateaus, manors, palaces, acropolis, alcazar, château, citadel, donjon, estates, forts, fortresses, keeps, or villas. But, for something that big, definitely not "homes".

    This is a "home" on the East Coast:

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