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Thread: Metric faucet hose to imperial shut-off

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    Default Metric faucet hose to imperial shut-off

    I'm having a bathroom remodeling project going on at my house right now. I thought I was very lucky to get a European looking vanity, counter top and faucet at **** stores all together for a relatively cheap price. However, looks like my luck ran out. The faucet that came together with the set has 2 hoses coming out of it, which are supposed to screw onto the shut-offs that I got coming out of the wall. Hoses - female. Shut-offs - male. As I was told at the local Home Depot store, in USA, shut-offs are either 3/8 (what I have) or 1/2 on the outlet. The hoses that I got, look like they could screw onto 5/8, but after a spin become too tight.

    Does anyone know where can I get some sort of converter connector?
    Also, if my metric hoses kind of screw onto 5/8, what are they in metric? I measured with a ruler, they look about 16-18 mm to me...

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Would toilet supply's workż They have that white plastic connection that might be worth trying. Hey, ya never know...
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    No, those won't work. I tried every combination possible.

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    Default hose

    Before you can do anything, you have to know what kind of thread you have. As far as angle stops are concerned the two most common outlets are 3/8" compression, or 1/2" ips, not 5/8 which is a compression thread dimension. Diameter AND thread pitch are essential before you can even think about finding an adapter.

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    I run into 1/2" compression outlet angle stops on occasion.

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    I've run into flare fittings on stops... but you shouldn't be finding it on new, "stand r dyzed" stuff. Look carefully at the fitting... was it slightly crushed in shipping causing it to look like an egg?... worth a shot, or maybe the tool that cut the threads wasn't sharp on that day and it is just a defect. can you go strait to the manufacturer of the product for a spec sheet?... I know that some companies are not proud enough of the products to put their names on them. Take it back to where you got it and have them show you what fits it.... good luck.

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