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Thread: New to sprinkler system

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    Default New to sprinkler system

    I recently bought a house with an existing system. As far as I can tell it has 11 zones with 4 heads to a zone. I have opened each zone manualy with no problems. The water pressure seems to be fine, but when I set the system from the control panels (2) nothing happens. I have replaced both fuses in the panels and have checked that the power supply was working. The system is a watermaster model 57116. Please help.

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    Odd that nothing is working, since you have two independent controllers. The one thing common might be the wiring from the controllers to the outside, maybe both were running together underground and hit by an errant shovel!

    In any event, you will need to ohm out the control wires to each station.

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    Default sprinkler backflow regulator

    Had my sprinklers turned on and there was dripping coming from the backflow regulator...the company that typically checks the regulator per city ordinance said small amounts of water coming from relief valve are normal with pressure fluctuations...has never happened before..could relief valve need replacing?



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