I have a two story house in PA, forced hot air and A/C supplied by gas.

Due to numerous renovations and rerouting of supply ducts and returns, I have a lot of inefficiencies in the system. The 1st floor is fine but the ducts to the 2nd floor now go through a a myriad of twists, turns, then up a wall then another turn, then up into the attic, then across the attic then down into the rooms via each ceiling.

One bedroom no longer has a return. One bedroom has no ductwork at all due to it being an addition. Two bedrooms rely on space heaters during the winter since they don't get enough forced hot air. The 2nd floor is actually cooler during the winter, not what I'd expect with hot air rising.

Also, I have a lot of ductwork rerouted throughout the unfinished basement, a basement I want to finish but will lose much headspace due to the multiple pieces of ductwork.

THUS... it has been suggested that I install a heat pump in the attic that would supply heat and cooling to the 2nd floor. The existing furnace and compressor would supply the 1st floor. This would allow me to get rid of the maze of rerouted ductwork and returns and return efficiencies. It would also give me a two zone system.


Is this a good solution?
Is it worth the money that it would cost?
What other options would you suggest?

Thanks in advance!