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Thread: Richdel valve replacement

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    Default Richdel valve replacement

    I have a green Richdel R-204 electric valve that has broken.
    When I pulled the 8 screws from the top all the internal parts were no longer connected. It looked as though a small plastic tip had broken off the stainless pin. Does this sound correct? Can I get a replacement diaphram and get the valve to work again?

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    yep, those parts are still available.

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    Default More answers

    Quote Originally Posted by tomm View Post
    yep, those parts are still available.

    Any idea where I get the part and who makes the replacement part?

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    I believe the Lawn Genie division of Toro had bought up Richdel, and when you look at the Lawn Genie parts layout at HD many of them are marked "fits Richdel"

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    Default valve

    I would replace the whole valve,no dought...Upper

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