Hi all,
Wondering if anyone has ever used the tub filler oulet on a tub/shower valve (has the diverter built into it right above the handle) for a second shower head?
I have a valve with a tub filler but since it's going into a shower, I was planning to use the tub filler outler for the main shower head, and the shower outlet for a second handheld shower. I don't need to use them both at the same time so I'm hoping this will work. The only problem i could see is if the tub filler has too much backpressure when hooked to a shower head, and causes some water to bypass back to the handheld shower. Thanks in advance for any info if anyone has tried this.

Tub filler outlet --> to shower head
Shower outlet --> to handheld shower
Diverter built in to the valve, allowing selection of either regular shower head, or the handheld shower.