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Thread: Toto Guinivere bowl wash

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    Unhappy Toto Guinivere bowl wash

    Based on TOTO advertising and favourable comments on this site we just spent $1,000 to replace our $300 2 year old Kohler Cimmarron toilet with a TOTO Guinivere, in order to get the promised GOOD bowl washing performance. Waste of money!! The TOTO flushes fine, just does not wash the bowl any better than the Kohler!

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    I have 3 Soiree which is the same flushing system as the Guinevere and i replaced 2 Gerbers and 1 American Standard 5 gallons toilets and i don't see any problems with the bowl wash.
    I myself have never owned a Kohler Cimarron but with what i've seen i would be surprised that it cleaned the bowl the same or better than the Guinevere.




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