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Thread: Space Needle Lightning Strikes

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    Now, this will make you think.

    Lightning came through a kitchen ceiling light fixture and struck a woman in the chest, standing under it, while holding a pan.

    Her young son, called 911 and she is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Gills View Post
    Surely, then, a 15 amp Square-D breaker would protect my soapy body as God's fury rained down on my armored cable?
    . . .That depends on where you live
    and if She's mad at you.

    15A x 100 ohms (a soapy, wet, body) = 1500v and lightning is more than 1500v. Yeah, the breaker will trip. . .

    With that Texas kitchen strike, She was probably aiming at someone else [whose name rhymes with "tush"?].
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