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Thread: Please Help Answer Some Toilet Questions!!

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    Default Please Help Answer Some Toilet Questions!!

    Hello everyone out there in toilet land,
    I have a few quick questions that I was hoping someone could help me answer. First, and most important can someone help me identify the toilet in the picture below and if so, do you know the gpf of this model (specifically, is it above or below 3.5 gpf). Second, does anyone who lives in Contra Costa County in California (I live in Brentwood) know about the new high efficency toilet voucher and how to obtain it. Lastly, what's the difference between an ADA and normal toilet? Is it only about height or are there other differences and is it worth the money to pay more for the ADA version? Thank you all in advance for all your help, it is much appreciated to this toilet novice. Keep on Flushin!

    Here's the link to the picture if you can't see the attachment. What kind of toilet is this and what is the gpf?
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