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Thread: Too high closet bend

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    Default Too high closet bend

    Hey folks.

    1st off - been reading for a while and searching for lots of info, so thanks! Newbies always say thanks before throwing out a bunch of questions, huh?

    I just started a bathroom remodel and am about to attack the drain lines. It is a small bath with a clawfoot, toilet, then pedestal sink (left to right). The toilet connects to a cast iron sanitary tee and vent. The "toilet tee" sits into a double cast iron tee that the tub and sink (still lead soil pipe) connect into. (All XH cast iron.)

    One problem I have is the 1st tee is really high on the soil/vent stack (close to the sub floor). The closet bend attached to about 10" of ABS, through fernco donut into cast iron hub makes it look like a negative slope. Maybe 1/4" max, but still. Are there low profile closet bends? What I have is a simple 90 with hubs on either end. (This set-up was a fix. I drilled out the lead joint as it was leaking about 2 months ago and I knew I was about to demo for the remodel.)

    Almost exactly like this post minus the extra purple: http://www.terrylove.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6751

    Now that I am about to replumb everything I thought I need to address my 'uphill plumbing'.

    I'll try to post some pictures tonight. I know it will show a lot more than I am able to explain. I'd rather try to keep the cast iron so things will remain nice and quiet.

    Thanks in advance!

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    you can use a 4"x3 closet bend with spigot end.
    That way a hub 4" closet flange can drop over it.
    If needed, you can even trim the flange to drop down lower.

    I normally just pull the lead out of the cast iron tee, and use a 4x3 flush bush into a insert rubber pipe donut.

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    Last night I did look at it again and I think I used a DWV 90. I bet a closet bend with a spigot would do the trick.
    I may have to take the advice and trim as well as I don't have much height going in with the new floor (just new underlayment with Marmoleum on top, not thick tile or anything).

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