Here it goes.
In my second bathroom. Sink and toilet are backing up into the tub. The water drains slowly. I used a 30' power auger, in the tubs vent and drain with no luck. All so ran the power auger threw the toilet, no luck with that either. So I decided to use a Tape snake on the Vent from the roof. <--- Big mistake .
The Snake is 3/4" wide by an 1/8" thick and has a pointed head that rounds off towards its back. Made it past the first 90 and that was it. It stopped shortly after that. and now it wont come back. Tried pulling with all my might, it just wont budge. Any suggestions on how to unstick it with out having to open the pipe where its stuck at? I've read threw the forums I saw that on cable augers the answer was to winch it. Will this work on a tape?