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Thread: Tank to toilet gasket with two holes on side to hold tank

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    Default Tank to toilet gasket with two holes on side to hold tank

    I've got what I thought were american standard toilets (labels wore off) but the inside of the tank is stamped Briggs. I've got two cracked flush valve stems and need to replace. I took the tank off and noticed the tank to toilet gasket has two ears which the bolts that hold the tank to the toilet go through. All of the replacment gaskets I have seen do not have this. I want to replace the flush vavles with Korky brand ones. I have to wait till Tuesday to see if the distributor has the Korky ones. Big box stores don't carry Korky in Canada (too bad).

    Anyhow am I going to have an issue using the gasket that comes with the Korky? Should I just cut the ears off the old gasket and use them on the bolts between the tank and the toilet? I've got the Korky fill valves and since I am replacing the flush valves I thought I would go with Korky but they are hard to find here. Would I be ok with a universal replacement one from home depot or should I wait till Tuesday and see if I can get the Korky?

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