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Thread: 1 piece version of Drake?

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    Default 1 piece version of Drake?

    We installed 2 Drake toilets in a newly built rental house. The tenants love them. Now we're renovating our bathroom and want to get a one-piece toilet that we'll like as much. I'm thinking the Ultramax is the one that's got the same flush but wondering if the Ultimate will make us just as happy. (Two of us, adults; spring/well water; septic.)

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    The Ultramax is similar to the Drake,
    And the Ultimate is just a small notch down from the Ultramax.

    I had an Ultimate installed for two years, and it worked very well.
    Much better then some of the other brands I tried in the same spot.

    If your water leaves rings, I would consider the Sanagloss.
    Seattle water doesn't, but I've seen some water closer to Issaquah that does.
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    The Ultimate isnt a G-Max flush.

    The question are: must you have a G-Max? ADA height? Sanigloss?

    Ultramax, Supreme, Ultimate and Gwyneth are all good 1-piece toilets. Ultramax being the most like the Drake.


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