Does anyone know of a retail source (reasonable) for Franklin Control Box parts? I was getting a good deal thru Roanoke Armature but they no longer stock the parts. Lightning is a real enemy of these boxes and usually I have found that when it gets to the box it takes out the relay coil and maybe one of the reset buttons. I can usually rebuild the box for about 40 bucks which is a whole lot better than buying a new one. Franklin is great in that they give you detailed info on the box cover for testing the components. I try to keep a spare box so I am not out of water until I can get the primary one fixed. I have a surge protector and a lightning protection system on the pumphouse but from what I can figure the lightning comes in on the ground wire from the pole which means even if you have the breaker off you can still see damage. The one thing I need to check is whether the breaker box has a ground rod setup the same way a home panel does. If it dosen't then this may help.