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Thread: HD Toliet 1000 MaP - Horrible reviews?

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    Default HD Toliet 1000 MaP - Horrible reviews?


    13-068 Home Depot - Pegasus (by Niagara) Cottage EL ADA (Flapperless) N2228: N2228B bowl, N2228T tank. Sold
    combined as Home Depot SKU 840-565 1,000

    The Cali. report shows this toliet earning a 1,000 MaP yet the reviews on the website show it's a horrible flush. Anyone have experience with this low priced toliet or can shed some light on how accurate the MaP tests are? Ty

    replace yyy with HD:

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    I quit selling the flapperless toilet when production was moved.
    The quality changed, and I was spending too much time fixing them.

    Parts are a problem.
    Who stocks them?

    Not Home Depot.

    The original Niagara Flapperless toilet

    I went to a Halloween part in the Fall of 2010 and used the new Pegasus flapperless toilet.
    It took me a few flushes. I had a problem with bowl rinse.
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    yep HD its instore only

    thanks for the mini review

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    It's instore,
    It used to be sold by Niagara, of which I've used to sell a lot.
    When they were manufactured in the US, the plastic parts were better.

    They then shifted production to China, which for some brands is not a problem.
    In this case it was. I was getting cracked trays, and broken handles.
    The only place for parts is in the mail.

    Home Depot does not carry any parts for their "in store" brands.
    Neither does Costco carry parts for their WaterRidge.

    If you buy a "container lot" toilet or faucet, keep the paper work with it and phone numbers, and hope they keep the line working later when you call for parts.

    I went to repair an American Standard kitchen faucet yesterday, the homeowner was able to order all of the repair parts for it.
    All I had to do was rebuild it into a new faucet.

    In the morning, I replaced a defective stem from a "Costco Grohe" faucet.
    When I had installed the two widespread Grohe faucets, I noticed that the spouts were made differently, so they were not from the same manufacturing batch.
    All four stems for the widespread handles needed flat spots filed down so I could slid the handles down and tighten the set screw.
    I had never encountered a Grohe faucet that I'd had to modify before to install.
    When I went to connect the water supply on one side, it was obvious that one stem had been dropped on a concrete floor before plating.
    It was damaged, plated, and then boxed.
    I guess this is where Grohe dumps their "B" grade stuff.

    When I got a new stem from Grohe, the handle slipped right on without modification. Just like all previous Grohe faucets I had ever worked on.

    So here was another case of a Costco product that had

    1) four stems that were machined too large for the handles

    2) one cold stem that had been factory dropped, plated and boxed for sale

    For the homeowner, it meant one more trip they paid for.
    For the plumber, (1-Dropped part) it meant twenty minutes tracking down the part
    For the plumber, (4-defective stem sizes) another twenty minutes finding the problem, and getting a flat file to create a flat spot for the set screw so the handles could be installed. Some of the time spent was making sure it was defective before filing away at the stem.

    Total lost time on two B Grade Costco faucets, one hour and 40 minutes at plumbers pricing

    As you can see, parts do make a difference.
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