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My Made in USA Chevy Suburban???
Nope Hecho en Mexico!!!

My Made in USA Dodge Ramcharger???
Nope Hecho en Mexico!!!

My Made in Japan Toyota Camry???
Nope Made in USA!!!

Things aren't always what you think...
Thats for sure! Like that Schramm deep drilling rig that was made 100% in Pennsylvania and poked a 6" hole 2300 feet deep with a tolerance of about 2' into the safehouse of the Chilean miners. Chile has about 30 or 40 of those rigs because they are the worlds best, for the least.

A second Schramm is drilling hole B right now.

Those guys in Chile, 1/2 mile down in a hole are smoking Camels and eating KFC right now because of America's ability to produce heavy machinery at the right price.