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    I mentioned this, as an aside, in another post so it may not get addressed there. But I am really interested, so I am going to post my question here as well, so it gets the attention it deserves.

    As a relative newcomer to the USA (I have lived here three years now), I am beginning to appreciate that the "Made in America" label actually means something for a select few products. This surprised me, because"Made in England" does not really mean much any more, but here there are a few gems that still shine.

    For example, my Zoeller sump pump is brilliant. And made in the USA too.

    I have Virginia Metalcrafters brassware in my house (the company has now closed) and, again, it is outstanding quality.

    Are there any other US-made things for my house that are still available to buy and really good, that I may have overlooked?

    No cars, thank you: the US is quite hopeless at making those.

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