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Thread: PEX Zurn Fittings and Wirsbo Crimps

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    Default PEX Zurn Fittings and Wirsbo Crimps

    I just bought a laundry list of new plumbing materials from a contractor off Craigslist that bought the materials to do a job that was later cancelled Here's what I have:

    1 24 port MANABLOC whole house water distribution manifold
    comes with: wrench, deluxe installation kit, mounting bracket, closet mounting cover, 5- safety caps.
    1 washer rough in box with stainless steel 1/4 turn valves
    12 8" X 1/2" crimp copper stub-out elbows
    10 1/2" crimp tees
    10 1/2" staight stop 1/4 turn stainless steel valves
    10 1/2" barb X 1/2" MPT adapters
    10 1/2" barb X 1/2" FPT swivel adapters
    100 1/2" stainles steel crimp rings
    1 stainless steel crimp ring tool
    1000' 1/2" clear pex tubing

    All of the brass fittings and tubing are Zurn and the Crimping rings and tool is Wirsbo. My question is: Are these compatible? Thanks

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    Crimp tool is made by Wirsboż Post a pic either of yours or one off the net.
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    I'm on the road right now. I'll be home on Sat. and see exactly what I have.

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    You know about the Zurn class action suit, right? The problem (I'm not sure if it has been resolved) had to do with the brass fittings. I believe, at one point, the Chinese manufacturer produced some fittings with too much zinc, which resulted in excessive dezincification. Some folks ended up with major water damage as a result. I think the biggest problem was with the angled pieces. I ended up returning all my Zurn QPEX stuff to Home Depot and getting a Wirsbo expander tool. The faulty fittings were produced several years ago, so Zurn has likely corrected the problem. Whatever the case, I would do some more investigation.

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    Don't mix and match your PEX plumbing.

    You made out nicely with the manabloc kit that you got, and getting the wirsbo expander tool was pretty good as well. But the rest is not worth messing with. I don't feel comfortable using the SS clamp system, although that is totally personal preference. And that pex tubing...if it is wirsbo tubing, which is sounds like it might be, you can't crimp that stuff. Since you are using the manabloc system, you shouldn't even be using fittings in the wall anyways.
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    Take your Zurn fittings and through them in the garbage ... cut your losses now.

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    Here is the pic I took of the Wirsbo SSC Ratchet Tool:

    I have the Wirsbo SSC 1/2" but the 3/4" clamps are Zurn Qickclamps. All of the elbows and tees are Zurn and were purchased 4 years ago. From what I've read on this forum I need to dump all Zurn fittings?

    The tubing is EuroPex. The guy I bought it all from said that I would need an expander tool to assemble it all. Is that correct or does it depend on what brand of fittings I use?

    I plan on using the Manabloc manifold so like Basement_Lurker says, I won't need fittings in the wall unless I need to make a tight turn.

    So with the Manabloc manifold, EuroPex tubing, and Wirsbo SSC Ratchet Tool and clamps what brand fittings would you recommend for elbows and valves?

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    Here's the link to the Picture of the Wirsbo SSC Ratchet Tool


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    This tool is compatible with the stainless steel clamps, which work with the fittings. The tool should be made in the US, which means that it will last longer than the chinese version. I like the SSC tools because they work with 3/8" - 1" clamps and you don't have to use a Go/No-Go gauge like you do with the copper rings. If you decide to stick with the SSC tool, check out the three-handled SSC tool. It grips onto the SSC with the first click, but it's loose enough to reposition the clamp before you start the crimping. And best of all, it can be used with one hand! The middle handle is used to start the crimp while the two outside handles are spread out.


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