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Thread: need pump test but well is partially blocked-jet pump?

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    Default need pump test but well is partially blocked-jet pump?

    Back ground- we are a not-for-profit afordable housing group, with a deadline.
    We are trying to get our development permitted. we have already proven enough water with one of our 4 wells, but the neighbours have convinced the authorities that we need lots more proof.

    There is a 14gal/min well (in shale, with no liner), that is partially blocked. I can get pex down the well and probably 1 to 1&1/2" pipe down too. It was blocked at 17 ft and it seemed clear then to about 100 ft (using a counter weight from a old fashioned window). Now though the blockage is at about 20 ft.
    I got a rebar tool welded to poke through blocks up to about 35 ft, but I am scared that I am just shoving something farther and farther down the well and will get stuck every fee feet all the way down.
    The static level is about 15 ft.
    Question- With the pump test we need to keep a steady volume about 1.25 gal/min.
    I thought it would be better to try and get pipe down the well and use a jet pump, before I plug it up completely , than try and get a well pump down.
    If we get the permission for the project, we will redrill the well out if we ever need to.
    1. Does this seem do-able?
    2. If so, what is the best way to get a constant 1.25 gal/min with this setup?

    Any and all advice would be helpful. Thanks

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    You didn't mention what kind of wall this is or the casing size if any. If none, I wouldn't think it's a well.

    Why only 1.25 gpm? How did you arrive at this number? Its certainly not enough to operate a household.

    What's wrong with the other three wells?


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    I answered this in the other forum you posted it in here.
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