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Thread: Do I need to clear rag in drain line?

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    Default Do I need to clear rag in drain line?

    Short version - Appears a rag got into the toilet drain and gone down. Wondering if I need to do anything more at this point.

    long version - We were have floor renovations done in the hall bath and the toilet was out so I had a diaper rag in the drain hole (to keep stuff out, gas back). Floor guy must have tucked it in more to get it out of his way. Appears it got sucked down when adjacent toilet (Toto Drake 1.6) flushed and created some backup.

    As we were trying to figure out what was going on, wound up flushing that adjacent toilet a few times. It backed up after 3 rapid flushes. Did this cycle twice then it appeared to clear. At this point no backup.

    I ran a small snake in to about 8 ft and pipe appears to be clear to point where it heads down from second floor. I'm not seeing any more backup but I wondering if I'm just delaying issues. Do I need to do anything to try to get that rag out?

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    Default rag

    At this point it may be useless to do anything. All you can do is keep using things and wait to see if it lodges somewhere and causes a stoppage or keeps on going all the way to the city main, at which point it becomes someone else's problem.

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    Default Rag

    Looks like it made its way out lower. I noticed some backup spillage around a basement bar sink on same line. That drain seems to be ok now also.

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    Sounds like you got lucky. That rag is probably in the city treatment plant by now. Of course, keep an eye on the drains, and if it did hang up and you get a backup, that would be the time to call a plumber to auger the line, but my bet would be on it being long gone.

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    Keep monitoring your sewer for signs of a backup and hope for the best. If it does stop up at least then you will know where it is.

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