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Thread: 3rd FL bathroom accident

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    Angry 3rd FL bathroom accident

    I recently purchased a house with a 3rd floor toilet that had a slow leak. As such, we had shut off the water to it as we don't use that floor of the house very often.

    Today, I decided to take a closer look at it since I had finished some other more important projects. The leak was coming from the supply line where it meets the tank. Without thinking, I began to tighten the connection when the supply line broke loose.

    Brief chaos ensued and I was able to turn off the water. I grabbed a bunch of bath towels and mopped up as much water as possible. Unfortunately, enough water was released that there is some slight dripping down to the 2nd floor. I have opened windows and placed a fan and dehumidifier in the bathroom.

    My question is, will the house be ok drying out from that much water using the fan and dehumidifier? If not, what is my next step?

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    It should be okay...sustained dampness causes problems; a single dowsing that didn't soak everything might cause some paint damage, but probably won't make any other long-term problem.
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    I agree!

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    Just what I was hoping to hear, thanks so much guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbankhead View Post
    Just what I was hoping to hear, thanks so much guys!
    Three out of five plumbers agree.. there is no harm with a short term soaking.

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    If the ceiling below got wet, then after it dries out, it may show a brownish stain. Kilz or Bin123 will fix that.


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