i'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but i'm gonna try it here. ok, i have a septic tank, and i know that i have a problem because it's backing up in my showers and toilets. i just had it pumped about a week ago but i still have that problem. the company who pumped it said that my leach line has failed. i had not pumped it in 4 years and they told me that was no no. that i could have clogged up the leach line with sewage. to add to that problem, i had a leaky shower for about a year that contributed to the problem. my question is, the company said that the leach field is saturated, what do i do? can it be dried out and be ok or do i have to build another leach field? i have never dealt with a septic system before and i don't know what to do. thanks so much for your help.