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Thread: Vessel Sink 2" Drain Opening, Need Drain?

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    Default Vessel Sink 2" Drain Opening, Need Drain?

    I have a Porcher Sink that was shipped to me from a company that went out of business and now I fine that it has the European Sized Opening.
    My Sink is an Overflow Sink, and my Hardware is Toto Soiree tl960sd chrome, which ofcourse is American Sized. Where can i get a drain or flange to fit?????

    Thanks, I have tryed everything, hours on the internet.


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    Maybe it wasn't such a good deal after all...

    Try your local American Standard dealer,
    Porcher is a division of Am. Std. perhaps their rep may have a solution for you...

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    I am in contact with them and they think they have a drain that will work.
    Just hope they are right.
    Sometimes everyone makes mistakes. Just have to correct it.



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