Look, lets cut the crap here. Are you saying that YOU regularly install an active-indirect system sized for 2-4 people for the equivalent price of $4000 on a daily basis or not. Because I, and most of my legitimate competitors do. That's out the door. Materials, Labor, Building Permit, Delivery.........everything.

Yes, or no. If no, what's your average price for the above.

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Ahh but I quoted the price an installer or shrewd diy-er could buy it for also, and the installation cost would depend on local circumstances. Most hoses here are at least 2 story which is more risky to install on so it would cost more here. So the cost of $3592 +$1000 for installing it isn't far off your price of $4000 and this is for a premium branded product (not that i'm saying yours isn't). For a non branded system it would be up to $1000-$1200 less. I'm often under cut by 1000 - 1500 but their the people that phone up a year later when the company that installed it have done a runner or folded and reset up under a similar name without the liablities, with a system that was shodily installed and on the cheap, non solar rated components, such as central heating pump, pressure vessel soft soldered pipe work, heating pipe insulation, pressure relief into the house,... I'm sure you see your own horrors there.

Plus I also pointed out that you could install a simple indirect system for $1500